Up to Me Wine Care Caring for wine in Queensland

Caring for wine in Queensland

When it comes to wine in Queensland, wineries in the region are known to be the underdogs due to the warmer climate here in Queensland compared to big brother South Australia Barossa Valley. Temperatures are definitely cooler in the southern states of Australia; this can create a great advantage for vintners.  Every element from storing, transporting and caring for wines is a little bit easier, but that is not to say it is impossible to produce quality wine in Queensland.  In fact Ballandean has proved the contrary by winning many of the 2015 Queensland Wine Awards.

Gold Coast Hinterland Wine Country features many premium award winning wines, it is a major supplier of local wines to many restaurants and eateries within the state, it is not difficult to find Gold Coast removalists who are willing to deliver bulk loads of wine into neighbouring cities or interstate, but how many of them would have a temperature controlled cooling truck?  Wine quality can be deeply affected in storage where temperatures are above 24 degrees for long periods and 38 degrees for short periods; therefore it is wise to opt for temperature controlled cooling.

Storing wine in a dark area away from light and sunlight is essential as light can prematurely age wine. It is also important to store wine on the side to allow the liquid to contact the cork, preventing the cork from drying out. A basement is ideal for wine storage where it presents the right temperature, however if you don’t have the luxury of a basement, then investing in a wine cooling unit that keeps a consistent temperature and is also effective at keeping the light out may be the answer.